Marcus Hay

Can I just say, good golly this is an amazing space created by Marcus Hay for Kimberly Steward of the Kess Agency.  It is in yo' face fabulous!  

The dotty chairs and color palate are what drew me in initially, but as you start to dig in and really dissect all the things happening in here, you see there are soooo many other wonderful things to enjoy.  Marcus Hay makes his living as a stylist, and you can truly see that coming through in all the special moments that present themselves as you scan the space.

Enter Exhibit One!  Masterful indeed!

Another wonderful corner.  We have a fabulous classic chair, upholstered in graphic Marimekko fabric.  Gun lamp.   No nook is left unloved.

Doesn't. Get. Any. Better. 

Ohhhh, that Sputnik.  Take me now!

This small little kitchen is sleek and cool.  I adore that random, antique brass plate thrown in there. 

So there you have it.  Marcus Hay...maybe styling isn't the only thing you should be doing.  I'm thinking expanding in full blown interiors miiiiight just be a good idea, judging from the home you have created for Miss Kim.   I'm just sayin'!


designstiles said...

That bedroom is fantastic. Pinning immediately. :)

Anonymous said...

I pinned that first look from you this morning! Obsessed with that rug! thanks for introducing me to such talent!!! xoxo Elizabeth

Tobe | BIA said...

so so lovely.

marcus hay said...

Nichole, Thanks so much for your support, I love your blog, thanks for including me! Marcus.

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