Here are some spaces that I am hardcore adoring right now.  There is no rhyme or reason.  No factor tying them together, no common thread, besides my enjoyment of them.  Take a gander...


This dining space makes me sooooo happy.  In fact, my little head is trying to figure out a way how I can make a table like that without it looking to "crafty."  Still working on it.  I really do adore!


Now this is a little cafe.  Not sure where, but wooooooooow!  That ceiling, the floor, the lighting.  Home run kids!


Once again, my love for the many incarnations of Sally Wheat's home rears it's obsessive head.  Dear Lord I love her.  


So this bedroom is actually from the catalog shot for the lamp (which I do like.)  But, it just looks like it feels so cozy.  I wanted to share.  That black and white graphic painting doesn't hurt either!

This bath is right on for me.  LOVE it.  Black, white and gold.  The only thing it's missing in my opinion is artwork.  But, otherwise, perfection. 


I think the white stripes on the floor are darling.  Apparently, they strategically cover some stains in the wood floor.  Very smart.

Ugh, the whole global feel of this hallway is sublime.  Those rugs pave the way to heaven.

Any faves?  I have to say, I'm still kinda stuck on the dining room.  

Have a good one all!


Laura@happyroost said...

Yes, I agree. Very lovely!


Unknown said...

I'm posting about that cafe next week- COULD.NOT>LOVE>MORE! Also adore that first romantic space and the 3rd living room- all so glam!

Unknown said...

Love it! I've been obsessed with grey couches for a while now... And the purple makes me drool.

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

Love all of these! Sally Wheat's espesh.

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