Tell me she doesn't have a plan.  This is the kind of art that speaks to me.  It's almost period, but still, the color usage and style keep it modern.  And, of course, the strong-willed woman as the centerpiece.  I can identify with the strong-willed part.  I enjoy seeing it in someone else's eyes though.  It's driving, pushing, unapologetic...and I like it.  

Apparently, I'm having a "I am woman hear me roar," moment.  Humor me.

She would be the kind of piece to build a room around. Like this...

and this...


and probably one of my favorite examples as shown below... 

The artwork is by Audrey Walas, who I am just such a fan of.

Now here is a period piece, one that reminds me of the first one I showed above.  
Love her.  LOVE.

So there you have my meandering homage to another more direct version of femininity as portrayed in art.  Specifically, those strong in nature.  Which I can strongly identify with (being a part of their ranks.)  

Hope you enjoyed it, and maybe saw a bit of yourself in there as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Very powerful piece of art. She definitely feels like a strong woman!

jessicaraesommer said...

I love these!


I am an artist... and strong women is kind of, my thing.
Hearing your 'hear me roar' made me laugh. But these kind of painting are the ones that make you feel strong when you look at them. Like you can look at the world unafraid. And John Singer Sargent is actually my favorite artist- the artist from your period piece!

Honestly, I think you will get my art. Please take a look- I know you will love... I have my 'Lavander Heat' painting posted proudly in my room right now and it makes me so peaceful, the strength in it.


Come stop by and say hi. I loved your post! Thank you for the inspiration!
Jessica Rae

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