Over the Mantle

So I've been mulling over what exactly needs to go over my mantle.  I'm not quite to that point yet,  but I'm getting closer, so the narrowing down has begun.

These are just possibilities, goodness knows a girl can change her mind between now and then.  

First up ...

 I could stick to my roots and go with the antique tapestry.  This one is kind of a long shot.  I think I want to go with something a little more modern.  But, it's definitely lovely enough to warrant a nod.

 I think right now, this might be my front runner.  I have always loved how fuchsia (my sofa) and light blue (or even dark blue for that matter) play together.   Plus, it just feels so happy.  Love it.

 This one is in keeping with the other one above.  It would be perfect for layering, as it's more of a mood piece.  Still, I'm not sure it's quite right.  I think there's just too much going on.

 I have loved the Floodline series for quite a while.  There have been plans hatching in my little noggin' to acquire a piece eventually.  Whether it is for the living room, or bedroom makes no difference, as long as it is mine!

This one may look familiar as it was used in the Cameo PR Office.  I liked it so much that it made the list for my own home.  I have a thing for close up photos of flowers.  Always have.  It would be a great modern, soft piece that would also be nice for layering.

So this last one would be a DIY.  I would just make my own.  Similar to the one above.  I loooove me some graphic, black and white art.

Just so you can visualize where the art will be living, here is a snap of the mantle as it is now ...

It's big, and long, and black.  Who knows what I'll end up with.  There's so much still to do.  Just thought I'd let you in on one of the little details. Thoughts?  Anything to add?

Have a lovely, lovely day all. 


Lonely Wife Project said...

I've been lusting after the one from the Floodline series! I think it's perfect.

Lavender said...

My pics would be Floodline also and the Petal.

Good Luck!


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