Miscellaneous Fabulous

Let's open this post up with a little Robert Coutourier, shall we?  I'm not typically a fan of orange, but those chrome encased, pumpkin swivel chairs, might just be an exception.

Again, with the chairs ( I think I might have a problem) ... those sumptuous red velvet chairs just undo me.  Not to mention the amazing, sculptural table/stools.  Out and out killer!

I have to say, Sir Robert seems to have the touch.

Next up, a bit of a dining room crush...

I am enamored with Sally Wheat's dining room.  Well, her whole house for that matter.  But the dining room specifically holds a special place in my heart.  Dear Lord is it fabulous.   The seating brings the glamour quotient up and the table brings it back down to earth.  I could just hug and kiss it, and hold it forever and ever.  As my father would say, "get a grip!"  Roger that.  Next!

Gabriel Hendifar... I sing praises to thee.   The styling alone is glorious.  There is so much to enjoy and learn here.  Gabs ain't afraid of using black (or super dark blue?) on the walls.  That's for sure!  Here's another angle...

In awe...in love.  That rich peacock color is perfect.  

So there you have it folks.  Random.  Miscellaneous.  Fabulous!
Have a good one.  Peace.


Tobe | BIA said...

that first image kills me. KILLS me!! and the sally wheat dining room may have been emailed straight to my husband with a "this is what our dining room should look like" upon sight. he didn't get it. (men!)

gorgeous selections!

Jysooner said...

Anytime you want to get us chrome furniture honey I'm in!

Sarah MacMillan {Prairie Perch} said...

I love that bedroom. So dark and rich and moody.

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