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You know, let's cut straight to the chase.  Sometimes it's difficult to come up with new and interesting things to share (big surprise I'm sure,) soooooooo...here are some fantastic spaces that are floating around out there right now that have caught my eye...

So, above, let's talk about this modern, furry, fabulous space.  Not my typical thing, but, there is just something that is doing it for me.  

 Nate Berkus killed it again.  This is via this month's House Beautiful.  The lighting makes me drool.  Sooo much to love in this space.  

This is a much more classic and traditional space.  And yet, it doesn't feel stuffy at all.  There are some crisp modern lines to some of the furniture and it has enough quirk to keep it interesting.

Good Lord, this room is spectacular.  The windows, the massive art, the Zettel.  Fabulous!  

Can I just say I love these ladies.   This mother daughter duo does it again!  Those chairs!  Ugh!  If I used that fabric, it would end up looking like a bad teenage girl room.  But, they make it look sooo chic and glamorous.  Amazing.

Classic and tailored in all the right ways.

 White campaign desk.  Check.  White cow hide rug.  Check.  Massive white fish on the wall.  Ummmmm, check?  But hey, it works!

So there you have some of the good stuff, and my favorites right now.  Hope you enjoyed them.  I only covered the living room category.  Maybe I'll hit another category tomorrow!  Sound good?

Have a great, lovely, and wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

Love them all, but especially the Nate Berkus room!

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