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Welcome to a new week all.  It's April and it's already hot as Hades here in my neck of the woods.  What the heck happened to Spring is my question.  We seem to have completely skipped over it somehow.  Is it the same where you are? 

Alright, enough about the weather.  Let's get on to the good stuff.  The work you see before you is by the talented Anastasia Faiella of Faiella Design.  She is new to me, but I'm so glad to have found her.  This living space is fab-u-lous, is it not?

 Oh my word, I am so obsessed with those midnight blue velvet chairs.  Seriously, just perfection in chair form.  I could eat them up.

Gorgeous fuchsia paired with the midnight blue.  Divine.   I adore that color combo.  So sophisticated without being stuffy.

This powder room is sex-y.  The sumptuous skirt around the sink, the dark cocoon-like color, and of course the fantastic, drawn larger than life flowers, all make for a very special space.

I would take this kitchen in it's entirety and be very happy.  Classic, yet it has enough quirk to keep it interesting.

She's good, right?  

I love finding new work to enjoy!  Have a good one all.  Later gators.


Anastasia said...

Thank you for the lovely post!
I love the design and look of your blog.....
Faiella Design

Unknown said...

Those blue chairs are INSANELY good!

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