Brooklyn Row House

Today, I have a stunning row house to introduce you to.  The pics are off of CWB Architects website however, the interior design is by Jennifer Eisenstadt, and it has me salivating.  Let's peruse, shall we?

First up (above,) a showstopping wall, that I can only guess is part of the Master bedroom.  The black and white/silver graphic wallpaper (?) is really special.

Here we have the foyer.  I am hopelessly attracted to that leopard print runner.  Let's talk about leopard print for a moment.  I know in mass quantity, it can definitely seem a little too "jersey" aka obnoxious and cheap looking.  But, when used as an accent. In very specific ways,  and in high end materials, it can really make a spectacular statement.

More leopard goodness.    Great art doesn't' have to be reserved for just the living spaces.  I think these people have a real ceramic dog fixation.  I see two in this picture alone. 

Once again, midnight blue velvet just makes me all weak in the knees.  Great room! 

Both the kitchen and bath, are light, bright and lovely.  Especially digging the marble-licious bath though!

Holy-moly!  Check out that floor.  Yum!  Plus, add in the Chinoiserie wallpaper and we have a winner folks.

So, that concludes the tour.  I'm impressed.  How 'bout you? 

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend!  I had my fill of Cadbury cream eggs.  Bad me.  Good thing Easter only comes once a year!


court. said...

ok. brooklyn row house. aka they own the entire thing. the place is decorated to the nines, AND there's a James Nares painting in the living room?@!?!?

ah, to have money.....


Unknown said...

Rarely do I see a house that is so perfect that I literally wouldn't change a single thing- this is one of them...divine!

Anonymous said...

The lighting is unbelievable!

desha peacock said...

I love that shiny dresser in the bedroom- gorgeous layout.

Kathysue said...

Love what they have done with this row house, it is beautifully appointed. I have perused your blog and love your fresh take on design! Great blog, Kathysue

Anonymous said...

This house is insane!!! I am very impressed!! xox Elizabeth

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