Modern Figural Board

I wanted to do a board today incorporating some fantastic artwork by Derek Overfield.  They are classic figural drawings, but with a modern twist.  I kinda dig them.  They are obviously masculine in form, but, the colors and shadings bring something of an edge to them.  I love having such a masculine piece of artwork, mingling with such feminine decor.  It kills me that I can't have every piece of artwork I love.  It's a real downer kids, but, such is life.  At least maybe one of you can enjoy a piece by him in your home.  Ohhhhh okay, maybe, I can fit just one onto the walls.  I mean they are kind of fabulous.

Hope you had a spectacular weekend.  The Hubby is off this week, and we are going to tackle a lot of things around the house.  Which makes me a very happy girl!!!  So happy, I might even document some of the progress.  No promises...but, maybe.  Mean aren't I.  

Okay all, have a loverly day.  It's supposed to storm here today, which I LOVE (except when there are tornados.)  I missed that so much back east (not the tornados, the storms.)  I mean they a had a couple of weeny storms (minus Irene,) but not like the ones here.  Nothing like a good thunderstorm as far as I'm concerned.   K, I'm rambling.  'Til tomorrow.


Chelsea said...

Oh, I LOVE a good thunderstorm. I remember when I lived in boston and it "stormed" not the same as a sweeping torrential thunderstorm. Love the art and the board too! xo

Ashley said...

Oh, you are gooooood. The sofa has such a great shape and the colors are so soft and welcoming.

Enjoy the project time with your husband!

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