Start the Week Right

Thought I might start the week with some really fantastic spaces. Ready?

The colors here are really wonderful.  Modern, yet still welcoming and comfortable.  Definitely not expected.  Which, of course, I like.

Those lamps and that art make me very happy.  What great statements.

Graphic artwork and bold punches make this space hard to ignore.  Plus the fur, mmmm cozy.

1, 2, 3
Also, here's a cool little something I came across on the web.  Check out this ingenious idea for DIY fabric...

What's the DIY part you ask?  Well, it's regular cotton twill with splatters of bleach.  Kind of brilliant right?  So simple and yet so unique.  Check out all the details here!

Hope your weekend was good, and the week to come even better. 


charmaine said...

I love the first picture. Great color combo!

Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

Love that DIY! Might be nice on a painting or something too. Has my wheels turning. Have a great week!

Danika Herrick said...

Those are all so good! I'm particularly hung up on the 1st and 3rd for some reason. Need some big graphic art!

angela | the painted house said...

Thank you, Nichole, for the mention of the bleach chair! Should I admit how much fun I had watching the bleach turn the fabric white right before my very eyes??? It was like a magic show in a spray bottle!

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