Build A Lamp

So there is this fantastic shop called Mod Pieces where you can virtually build your own lamp.  They have several vintage lamp bases to choose from.  You specify a color, and if your would like, a lamp shade as well. 



I think the concept is pretty neat. Don't you?

Here are a couple more of their creations.

Kind of ingenious!  Well done!!!  Looks like they can create just about anything.  What combo would you choose?


Unknown said...

That is a fabulous idea!! Man, etsy has the best stuff haha

Unknown said...

Smitten with the green bases...not sure if I love the shades maybe just a solid black for me! ADORE!

Lindsey said...

This is such a fun idea. Nice find!

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

This is so cool! They have so many good options and I love how affordable they are. Thanks for sharing!

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