A Point of View

A point of view is something every good designer needs to truly set themselves apart from the flock.  It may not appeal to everyone, but to some, it makes the angels sing.  Being different is something to be proud of and aspire to.  Having the guts to stick to your vision ain't always easy.  But, it's worth it.

Take Debra Cronin, whose work you are enjoying now.  She has a very specific aesthetic.   A true original does not need to be a total slave to trends and what's "in."  Although there are a ton of "trends" that I enjoy right now.  There are many more that I don't.  And, I choose to make sure that anything I apply my name to rings true with my design point of view, with or without trends.  The important thing, is to have your home reflect who you are as much as your personality does.  Most are not able to do that completely on their own.  Hence designers. Where am I going with this?  I'm not sure, I'm wandering here.  Alright, let's bring this home...

I think the bottom line is...stick to what your gut tells you.  In regards to your home, or to the designer you hire to make it feel more like home.   Greatness does not come by following others' paths, but by cutting your own.  That's my two cents anyway.  Sorry for the wordy post this early in the week.  Just felt inspired and thought I might touch on why.  

Have a lovely rest of the day all.  'Til tomorrow.


Karena said...

Nichole, hello from one Kansas Citian to another!

Such beautiful thoughts and images!!

Art by Karena

Lindsey said...

Love this post! So important to remember that you should decorate your home with items you LOVE (whether they're a trend or not).

Kellie Collis said...

How beautiful! These spaces are wonderful! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

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