Tack it Down

First off, apologies are in order due to the poor/dark/awful iphone pics happening in this post.  I still haven't found/dug out the real camera.  Soon, I promise.  So here's the deal.  I bought this vintage Swedish rug runner several months ago. I really like it.  The only thing is, it wouldn't stay put.  I even tried getting a rug pad, that is supposed to make it stick to the floor.  Nope.  We have rambunctious little kitties that like nothing more than to do burnouts, or play slip and slide (think Tom Cruise in Risky Business) on rugs.  Apparently it's super fun.  However, then they end up wadded up in a corner completely useless.  That's not ok. 

I've seen it before in showhouses where they actually tack down the rugs with furniture tacks, so they won't move in the midst of all the foot traffic, and yet still do it in a decorative way.  I decided to implement that into my own home.  It didn't take many, which is good because I wasn't too keen on putting holes in my lovely walnut colored wood floors.   

You can barely even see them, as I tried to place them in the lighter lines to camouflage them.  Worked perfectly.  No more slippery rug, that is hard to vacuum or eventually ends up in a wad.  It will stay put come, even with our raucous fuzzy brood.


Chelsea said...

The tacks really aren't visible, and I image this is going to make life a little bit easier. xo

Laura@happyroost said...

Great idea! I have hardwood floors too so I'm sure I can put this trick to good use. Thanks!



Anonymous said...

I was going to recommend the tabs they use with the FLOR tiles, but I think your plan works better.

Anonymous said...

I've thought of this before, I have a dog that I swear is half cat and does the same things your cats do. I can't tell you how many rug pads I've tried! I just can't bring myself to put holes in my floor. It's a tough decision, but in the end my dog, Kosmo, is going to just have his fun and I'll keep straightening the rug when he's done. It's fun to watch him anyway, brings a smile to my face. : )

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