House of Boxes

So this is my home right now via my iphone. Yep, been here three weeks and it still looks like this. Reason being, we have no furniture (place to put things) to fill this new space yet. No dining table. No sofas. Nada. The sectional we have is downstairs in the man cave (my husband is very appreciative,) however, all that leaves the main floor is empty.

Above is looking from the living room into the dining room.  Those lights...gone.  The paint color...gone.

Our staircase going upstairs.  This really is lovely (although it's hard to tell from the tight/poor pics ala' the iphone.)  The risers will be white as well as the spindles/trim.  But I loooove the walnut/chocolate color of the wood so the rail/bannister will stay the same.

This is to the right of the staircase looking into the breakfast nook that is semi-attached to the kitchen.  The kitchen layout is all kinds of effed-up, so that will be completely gutted/rearranged before it's all over.  However, that might take a while, so I will be doing a mini-lift soon just so I can live with it in the mean-time. 

Yeah, the kitchen is tiiiiiiiiiiiny. T-I-N-Y.  Tiny with a Capital T!!!!  Hence the reno that is down the line.  But, for now.  This is how it looks (til the mini-lift.)  It is however, completely unpacked and functional.  Which is a maaaaajor plus, in this house of boxes.  Oh, and that would be our old friend Nay-Nay in the window.  She wanted a little face time, just to show she's not always screaming her head off.

So, there you have an abbreviated tour of our new home's main floor.  Thought you might like to see it, even if it is in no shape to be seen.  I just have to keep saying to myself...all in good time, all in good time.


Danya said...

Looks like a beautiful house. Love the dark wood floors and the arched doorways! So much character. Can't wait to see what you do with it!


Ashley said...

Nichole, you have such a lovely house to work with. I can't wait to see how you transform this space. And, like Danya, my heart is going pitter-patter over the dark wood floors. Thank you for the little sneak peak!

Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

I know I’ve said it before but your new house looks STUNNING! I can't wait to see more updates and don’t worry… the kitchen looks very liveable for a before shot! I’ve seen much much worse! X

Kae said...

whoa! your place is a gem! I can't wait to see it all lived in and homey.

Lonely Wife Project said...

The details are amazing! Can't wait to see what you do with the place!

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