Good Layout and Squirrels

Really like this interesting room with an even more interesting layout, that helps the extra long/shallow room feel a little more intimate by breaking it into different spaces within a space.  This is something I am kicking around in my own living room, as it is long and narrow, making for a difficult disjointed layout.   This is only one version of several layouts I have found and am considering.  I will share more as I get involved in the living room planning.  For now, it's just pretty!

OH!  And, on a different note.  Here's a little peek at what was happening outside our front door when I looked yesterday morning.  Yep, apparently we are the neighborhood squirrel buffet.

I was amazed. They have done this in two days.  Two!!!!  Well, at least we are helping the wildlife in the area fatten up before winter, right?  So much for Jackolanterns.  I guess maybe they just hollowed them out for us.  Wasn't that kind of them?  Hilarious.


Designwali said...

hahahaha...your squirrels are crazy! I guess the pumpkins look all good & scary for Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Aghhhh!! Squirrels have been eating my pumpkins too!! I've never seen them do it before! That's hilarious that you caught one in the act!! PS LOVE that room! xoxo e&a

Unknown said...

So cute! I didn't know they liked pumpkins! I also love the stacked poufs so creative and unusual :)

Kara said...

oh my goodness - that is a classic - so funny!!

very mischievous yet so cute!

we don't have squirrels over here in Australia (or Halloween for that matter), however everytime I see one I think of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - one of the funniest scenes ever.

love your blog :)

Kate said...

I am amazed at those squirrels! Poor pumpkins!
I have a question for you - are those circular knit balls bean bags to sit on? They look so cute! Thanks!

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