The Wall

So here's another little piece of the new place for you to see.  Still ain't much, but, bit by bit things are materializing.  This wall is to the right of the front door once you come in the apartment.  There are two pillars separating the living room, from what used to be (I think) a hallway where the gallery wall is now.  So it's all open, but still quite close.  See the boob light (hate) up to the left there.  It will be gone very soon.  I would also like to lighten the feel up by painting some of the black frames white.  But, the key is actually doing it.  I'd also like to fill in some spaces eventually, so it will always probably be a work in progress, but, that's typical in my house.  My favorite part is that every piece has a story.  A collection of memories if you will.

Below is a pic of the wall in the old apartment.  It wall much smaller but, still fun.  I have to say I miss it.  We would still be there if the place weren't such a POS.  But, C'est la vie.

Anyway...got a ways to go in the new place, I know.  But, we are getting there.  Slowly, but, surely.  Thanks for your patience.  I will continue to shows things as they progress.  I'm trying not to be soooo anal about having to have things be perfect before I show them.  Because if that were the case, it would be another year before you saw anything.  I am slow mover in my own life.   Very deliberate.  I always find it SO much harder to decorate for myself rather than others.  Others, I see the answer relatively quickly.  The "vision" tends to be clear and semi-easy.  For myself, ugh, not so much.  Any of the other designers out there have this same issue?  Or am I crazy?  Hope you have a loverly Monday.  See you tomorrow all! 


Mary said...

I don't think you need to paint your black frames. I like your arrangement as it is.
Can you tell me about the wall clock in the picture of your old apartment? Did you make it? If so, I would love to hear how it was done.

Anonymous said...

I'm working on a bit of a gallery wall right now and this is perfect inspiration - you did a great job! I actually like the darker frames, but of course that's easy to say about a photo. You actually live in it every day. Can't wait to see further developments! :)

Anonymous said...

I actually like the variations in color - it makes the overall collection less "sweet" and more museum in my opinion.

Florence Carole said...

I like how you choose different frames, colors and frame sizes. Those variations add a little drama to it. I love the mirror. Where did you buy it?

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