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Patchworks aren't something only found in your Grandmother's house anymore.   Some are colorful, fun and fresh, as shown above.  Some are unexpected and even subdued as shown below. 

Source, Chaise

And, then there are those that lean more towards the Bohemian side of the spectrum.  Some of my favorites, to be sure. 

Moroccan Rug, Pillows, Cowhide Rugs

I am wholeheartedly on board with this look.  How bout you?  You like?


Unknown said...

hermoso sofa!


Unknown said...

Love those patchwork cowhide rugs!! Such a neat pattern!

Unknown said...

Hummm, i think you inspired me to make something to my old sofa... Thanks for share!

Love the chaise long.

You have a great blog, i allways come see the news.


Trissta said...

Awesome! Love them! I think it'd help SO much if everyone did this! lol. this cute old lady taught me to quilt and patchwork, but I only know how to quilt them! lol

Much love,

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Ohhh I've long loved the patchwork cowhide. It's floral, neutral and cowhide all in one. It blows my mind.

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