Historic Photo Gallery

Found this amazing shop/site when I was at a flea market with a friend/client.  I asked if he had a card, and turned out he had an entire site.  It's called Historic Photo Gallery.  There are some really phenomenal pictures available here, especially for a history lover like me.  My client and I bought a print of the tennis player (she loves tennis) and put it in a super ornate frame.  It looks amazing! Anyway, I chose some of my favs from their site, but there are tons more.    Good stuff.


Unknown said...

Guau que fotos!!!!



Tobe | BIA said...

amaaaaazing find, nichole!!!! can't wait to have some free time to dig through the site!

Unknown said...

What wonderful photographs...I love the boys smoking and the seaside shot...fabulous...I will check out the link to the Gallery, thank you...I've really enjoyed reading your blog...I'm a new follower!

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