Full House Kitchen and Flea Finds

Did you see this fantastic kitchen by Christina from Full House on A Diary of Lovely today?  Hello!  If you want to see a little more, read the interview, and get a favorite recipe of Christina's, I suggest you go and read the rest of the guest post here.   Enjoy!

On another note...here are just a couple of my finds this weekend from a flea market outing!

I have big plans for this chair!  I'm seeing gold!  Bright, shiny, gold.

I got quite a few other things. But, I'll wait til a later post to unveil those! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend like I did. It was much needed.


Anonymous said...

Would you mind telling me which flea markets you go to? Are they in NY or NJ?


Nichole Loiacono said...


I know, I had a heck of a time trying to find goods fleas/stores up here initially. BUT, there are some. This last weekend I went to Stormville. Which was good, but my personal favorite is the Elephant's Trunk. Hope that helps!


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