Perfection and Then Some

Found this lovely image over on Soul Pretty, and thought it was just pitch perfect.  Not sure if it is a studio apartment, or a relatively large bedroom, but, it sure is welcoming.  All the light just makes me soooo happy.  Check out the fabric on that chair over there.  That has GOT to be vintage.

On another note.  How was your weekend?  Have a good Easter? We took our trip to Upstate NY on Saturday, and we found nary one flea market or antique hot spot.  It was pouring rain almost all day and was just downright dreary.  Ehhh, whatcha gonna do.  Wish I had oodles of pics of the wonderful things I found, buuuut, there were none.  So, instead, I'll show you some sweet lacy treats, because I'm random like that.  And, I like lace.

Kind of fabulous, am I right? All of these little jewels can be found here.  There are more options to choose from too. I just think they are so sweet and have such a wonderful organic feel to them.  Not too perfect.  Right?  Plus, the gold rims ... just icing on the cake.  Yum.


Rashon Carraway said...

That room is perfect for you blog.
I see why you like it so much.
Yea it was raining quite a bit this weekend.
I ran into the GreenFlea in NY, a real nice lil spot.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Unknown said...

I also saw that white/gold lace plate and thought of you- it's lovely, as are all of the other selections- feminine and pretty but still a bit raw- gorgeous! And that room. sooo pretty.

Ashley said...

Oh, I want to jump right into that couch and nap the day away! Sorry to here the flea markets were in short supply for you! Better luck next time.

natasha {schue love} said...

Love the oversized couch at the end of the bed! Totally amazing!

Anonymous said...

That couch is gorgeous!! In fact, this entire post is Gorgeous!!! xoxo E&A

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