Be a Good One

Good words to live by.  I need to burn those into my little brain.  We will be trekking our way to Upstate New York tomorrow to drop off some pieces (the Death Star has a new home.)  I'm really looking forward to the drive.  I've always loved road trips.  Who knows, maybe we'll come across a fantastic Flea Market along the way.   Hope everyone has a lovely weekend (and a wonderful Easter!!!)  Til Monday...adieu!


Unknown said...

I loovee a good road trip too- just so peaceful. Enjoy your long weekend and I'll think positive flea market possibility thoughts for you:) Oh and agreed, fabulous quote!!

Ashley said...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Nichole! Hope you come across a really fabulous flea market!

Tobe | BIA said...

love this! so true.

happy weekend!

samantha ramage said...

i just posted an easter egg with the same message! love it :) just found your blog- love it!

ps. check out my cute print giveaway!

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