Wallcovering Conundrum

I dare you, guess what color scheme I'm going for.  I know you'll neeeeever guess, so I'll just tell you.  Grey.   I know, you are SO surprised.

So this post...gonna be involved.  Just wanted to give you a heads up.  In fact, I think this might be a week long theme.  I mean, kids, there is a lot to cover.  The options are literally endless, and it's a little overwhelming when trying to make a decision.  And, for someone like me...who wants to try it all...well, my little head might just explode. 

Now, I'm just going to talk about the living room here, because that's what I'm going to hit first, but, the other rooms are also floating around, so, keep that in mind as well.  Let me give you a little idea of what I am going for.

I would like to keep the living room relatively neutral.   The kitchen will have color (hehe.)  But, the living room, I want (the walls at least) to have less color, as I need to keep things as light as possible due to the lack of natural light in there already.

Let me just start by saying, my first choice is this...

...aaaaand I can't have it.  Not because it's too expensive (although it probably is,) or even because it's too girlie (I'm sure it is) but, because the only places they sell it is Sweden and Norway, it's not even available online.  Right. It sure is gorgeous though isn't it.  I know you feel my pain.

Soooo, moving on to things I can actually buy.  Let me preface this by saying, that although the landlords (we rent) have kinda given me free reign (silly them,) they are 2 young dudes, and I need to keep the permanent things (wallpaper) semi-gender-neutral.  Or, at least, not completely feminine.  It's difficult for me...but, you know, it ain't my place really (although we are probably staying here for a few years) and I need to keep that in mind.  That being said, here are some viable options...

I like the ones above, especially the one on the right.  I might get a sample and make sure that it is a pure white and grey, not a cream, as, I'm afraid, it will turn yellow in the low light.  It' s so hard to truly tell from a picture online.

The choices below I like because they are delicate and light.  They are also something that I can replicate by painting it on the wall, instead of having to actually buy the wallpaper ($!!!)  The one on the right you might recognize as the pattern that has been chosen for my clients' bathroom and will be painting for them.  So, maybe a little bit of practice would be fab.  Also, the first one, I would do in silver and gold.  But, the pattern is so light it won't read "VEGAS!" 

The two wallpapers below are some of my front-runners now.  I love the idea of lace, large print lace specifically.  Especially the one on the left.  I have had it saved and chosen for almost a month.  In fact, when I first saw it, I said, "That's it!"  It's perfect...except for the price-tag.  Which is, let's just say, more than I want to do.  I will show you some of the possibilities for ideas on how I can have this look without paying the hefty price tag tomorrow.  But, for now, moving on.  As if I don't have enough choices as it is. 

So from the lace we move into the geometric options below.  Now, the first one, has lacy feel (because you know I love lace!) but, the second has not a curve or frill in sight. 

Yes, there is more.  First off....TOILE!  I looooooove toile.  Love.  There will be toile somewhere in the apartment.  Just saying. The other two are sweet and interesting in their own right.

Now, I know I said no flowers, but, I had to squeeze a couple in.  I mean come on...it's me.  They are just so pretty.

So, there is my intro to wallpaper week. I have quite a few options and I thought you might enjoy seeing what I'm trying to decide between, and maybe even toss in your two cents along the way.

I will touch base tomorrow on some other options I have to contemplate.  Yes, I know...more?  Yup.  Til then!


Unknown said...

Oh keep it coming- you know how I LOVE wallpaper. I'm sure whatever you pick will be gorgeous- my favourites of the ones here are the first one (sorry but it's divine - are you sure there's no way you could have it shipped?) and the last one of the right- very pretty. They're all lovely though- definitely can't go wrong with any of them!

Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

That last one on the right is my absolute favorite, wow is it gorgeous! Looks like worn lace. I love this little round up you did!

Lindsay @ A Walk in the Closet said...

All of these wallpapers are gorgeous but I particularly like 1-3 from the top left. Interesting but muted enough to allow other objects in the room to shine through, too.

Unknown said...

Go with Christine she is a wallpaper expert :) I do love the lace one! Wallpaper is the perfect addition.

Anonymous said...

oh lordy! this is wallpaper eye candy. gonna come back here if i ever want to wallpaper something. which i do. haha! great post!

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