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So, I've been trolling the net for ideas for the new place.  I've already shown you some of my favs for the bedroom, now it's time for the living space. Here's the deal though, and it's a doozy (at least for me.)  There are no windows in the living area...like, none.  The building is an old row building, and our little apartment used to be a barber's shop.  So, there are windows in front (the master) and in back (the kitchen) but none in the main living space (in between.)  As you can see, I love bright, happy, colorful spaces.  Our current apartment (as crappy as it is) has massive windows and a 12ft x 12ft skylight bringing in TONS of natural light.  So, this move is going to be like going from a tree house to a cave.  It's going to be a real challenge to make the place feel light and airy like I enjoy.  But, I don't think it's impossible. 

So, with that being said...on to the inspiration....

The first picture above is virtually perfect to me.  Gorgeous chandelier, colorful pillows, and that killer, sexy, patent leather, tufted bench cum coffee table.  I DIE. 

Below, I just like the simplicity, the chair, the lamp.  Really, just the feel. I don't know if it's totally me, but, I can still infuse a little of it into my space and it would be nice.

I know the pic below is nothing new.  But, I still love it, and it's STILL inspiring to me, so, I had to add it.

Above, light and colorful, with a dash of worldly.  

Below, one of my all time favorite living rooms, and really, entire apartments in general. 
Love the color, the mish-mash of styles, the art...shall I go on?

I am looking forward to planning and making our new home a reality.  I want it to feel safe and welcoming, and above all reflect us.  I think these inspiration pics are a good starting point. What do you think?  Do any of them talk to you?

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Unknown said...

What a great history for the new place...a barber shop! Think of all that went on there! I love to imagine what could have happened with places that have a story! So fun.

Unknown said...

Definitely a great starting point! I would probably keep the main colours of the room lighter to take away from the cave-ness of the space, and from the photos above it seems you like light wall colours :)

rouge said...

I like them, but it worries me a bit that they're all white, or pale. If your windowless living room has low light, wouldn't you be better looking for a rich colour? I've never seen a dark room painted white that didn't look (the wrong sort of) grey.

j* said...

Oh my god, the patent leather... Wondering what I would give up to have it. A kidney?

Nichole Loiacono said...


Yeah, I know. The cool thing is, apparently there is a pic of the original owner/barber that comes with the apartment. I am sooo excited to see it. I'll definitely post a pic of it, when we get there! I LOVE places with history!

Nichole Loiacono said...


No worries, I think I might have a color picked out that will help with that. If not, it's only paint and I can repaint it til it's right. But, I will be going with a lighter color. Just the way it is. ( =

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