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I have been a massive fan of Indigo Wild for years.  Their fantastic Zum Soap specifically, although, as I've been trying the rest of their products, every one of them are just as good.  All of their products are all-natural, hand-made and smell beyond amazing.  The recipe for greatness in my eyes.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the exciting opportunity to go attend the "friends and family" event at their factory shown below while I was visiting.  They are based out of Kansas City, MO (my hometown!) but, are available almost everywhere via their online shop, and at your local Whole Foods Market.

Overall, it was a very cool evening.  The place is huge and packed to the gills with insane amounts of smell good stuffs.  Walking up to the building you got a healthy whiff of it half a block away.  So cool.  MY kind of place for sure!

There are SO MANY products offered, I suggest you just try them all...

 ...and find out which ones you just can't live without.  Although, I warn you, you might find you will be thoroughly converted and end up taking everything home like I did.  I'll tell you what though, the people around me on the plane never had such a pleasant smelling flight. 

Also, for the paranoid (for good reason) New Yorker, they offer this...

...a completely natural Bed Bug Repellent.  Very smart, and helpful for the near panic levels found in NYC nowadays.

They also offer an array of other natural products for the Baby, Dogs, Men, Sports, and some other interesting options such as Zum Bum (aka Bidet in a Bottle.) 

Overall, I can't say enough about these products or this company. I was not paid, nor did I receive any free product for this endorsement, although, I am not opposed to it (wink.)  They are just that good, and I want/like to feature things and companies that I love and believe in, made by good people, who are looking to make a difference in the world.  So there you go.  Check it out...you will love the products and (as you learn more about them) the company as well.  And the fragrance, oh, my, I tell you, my bathroom has never been so appealing.  Yum, Yum, or should I say, Zum, Zum!

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Unknown said...

I really like their products as well! Right now I only own the Zum Rub in Frankincense and Myrrh. It's so lovely, and perfect for the colder months because it's such a warm scent. If I ever make it to Kansas City, MO, I will have to at least walk down the block of their factory so I can get a whiff. I bet the smell is amazing!

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