Revisiting Painting Furnitire - How-To

So I got this little note from Gabriela...

" How do you paint old furniture and make it look good the way you do?? Do you strip it first or just paint over it, what kind of paint , what is the best way?? I really appreciate your time, and again, I just love your blog !!! Thanks so much, Gabriela"
Well, I've done a quick little tutorial on how I prep and paint the furniture I refinish here.  Those are the basics...here are a couple more details to answer your specific q's Gabriela (great name.) Hope it helps. 

I typically use just regular, old, latex paint (if it isn't going to be heavily used, or in contact with water.) I'm not loyal to any specific brand, I make my choices off of colors, and whoever has the specific color I like/want is the winner.  I'm also a huge fan of mixing my own colors.  As you know, I do a lot of pieces and inevitably have left over paint.  I have made some of the best colors I've ever used just by mixing existing paints.  Plus, it's cost effective too! 

Another tip to get that smooth look is to fill all the dents and scratches prior to painting with paint-able spackle (filler.)  Then after it has dried you sand it til it's smooth. and then you will have a nice surface to paint over. 

As I said, in the "how-to" I previously posted, I use Kilz primer...the spray kind specifically.  So, make sure and have a VERY well ventilated area, and/or use a respirator, as this stuff will put hair on your chest.

And also, as far as poly-urethane is concerned, I typically use water-based (over latex paint only.)    But, I do love oil-based when you want a super durable finish.  Also, it tends to really richen darker colors, as there is a depth that, in my opinion, only oil-based poly can provide. 

So, there are the basics...hope that helps!  Thanks again for writing and reading this little old blog of mine. 


Momichka said...

Thanks for the info. I wish I read your blog before I painted my table white - I had to do 8+ coats to cover it completely.
Oh, well, it's never too late to learn :)

Unknown said...

Speaking of Momichka's table... i have a very cool old wooden kitchen table i bought of craigslist. what do i use on a table like this which would get tons of traffic, have food on it, people touching it all the time, etc.?

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

So helpful! Thanks!

Gabriela said...

HI There! Oh my goodness, thank you so much for replying and telling us how you paint the furniture, YEAH!!! I am so excited because I have some pieces that I want to paint. I only hope I can do half as lovely a job as you do!! You are such a talented lovely lady!! Thank you so much!

Kim at Yellow Brick Home said...

Good gracious, that piece is bea-u-ti-ful!

Just a question - what type/brand of poly do you use that does NOT whiten white or light colored paints? It seems unless I use a spray sealer, the poly we use to seal furniture turns it mildly yellow. Major bummer.

Nichole Loiacono said...

Shones- I would use an oil based poly, several coats in fact to make sure the finish is good and protected.


Well, I've had that issue too at times. I've found that if I apply it too thickly, it can turn a yellow color...even the water-based versions (which a waaaaay better yellow wise than the oil.) Maybe just use thinner coats. As far as the brand...It's from Home Depot and is called Minwax WATER-based. Again, it can have a tinge of yellow if applied too thickly. Hope that helps.

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