Future Perfect? Indeed!

So, today I have some treats from Future Perfect to share with you.  I have to say I am a fan of most of their wares, and although I tried limit myself so this post wouldn't get too long.  It was a hard task to accomplish.  Hence, the large amount of goodies you are seeing now.  All I know is, everything here makes me exceedingly happy, and I'm all about spreading the joy.

Check out these serving pieces.  Words will not do them justice, but I'm sure you can see for yourself how freakin' killer they are.  I will take one of each!  

This metal "log" just about undoes me.  Seriously.  I have grabby hands syndrome and everything.  It also comes in silver, but, the gold?   Um, yesssssssss.

Below we have a couple fantastic alternatives to the much used Moroccan pouf, and some throws thrown in for good measure.  They are so colorful and look super comfy.  What great infusion of fun and pattern into a room!
So there you having a little taste of the good stuff.  I am officially hooked, and as your decor "dealer"... I hope you are too! 

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