Starting the Bedroom...With a Dresser

 Here is another one of my finds at the estate auction I went to a couple/few of weeks ago.  I told you I went a little crazy and really found some great stuff!  This little guy was very dirty and sad, with an awful finish (I think he may have been left in the garage for many years.)  With some cleaning, a few coats of matte black paint, and a little wax to give it depth and keep the old feel, we changed all that.  It is going to be part of the bedroom which, as of now, is the next project to be finished.  Yay! I'm ready to have a proper bedroom.  It's been about 10 months since we moved in...so I think it's about time for that. 

You can see a couple of the colors I was kicking around for the bedroom.  Neither of them made the cut (they were actually primed over yesterday.)  The final color chosen is quite a bit lighter.   You'll see it soon.  So there you have it....the start of another room, another project.  Onward!
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