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Hello, everyone...it's 4:22 AM and I can't sleep (gotta love it.)  So, I thought that I would catch up on some blog posts. Hey, I might as well be productive, right?  I received a question from Miss Marguerite concerning some painting tips for these chairs shown above.  I'll let her take it from here...

"Hi Nichole,

I love your blog! I recently discovered it. You are very creative!  I have a question that I thought you might be able to answer. I have 2 of these pottery barn rattan chairs that I want to paint a glossy red (with the bottom cushions and then black and white greek key throw pillows). I see you have some photos of what looks like painted red furniture. What color red do you recommend? Also, do you recommend spray paint or regular? I have been told I need to use primer first. Any advice would be much appreciated!"


First off, the color scheme sounds wonderful.  Bravo for having the guts to step out of the box and paint these babies.  The red combined with the black/white greek key pillow = yummy.  Good choice!  So, about actually painting those chairs.  Primer is a must.  Even further, I would recommend roughing up the glossy finish of the chairs with a medium grit sand paper (then wiping off,) just to make sure the primer has a good surface to adhere to, and then the paint can adhere to the primer.  I mean you don't have to sand it within an inch of it's life or anything, just 'enough to rough up the surface, so it's not glossy anymore.  I think with rattan/wicker/anything woven like this, spray paint is the best/easiest route. It gets in all the nooks and crannies without globbing up and taking away from the detail of the chair.  I would go with a spray primer. I use KILZ and it works beautifully (you may need to do a light sanding after the primer just to smooth out any rough patches and wipe down again.)  Then follow up the primer with a couple/few light coats of spray paint.  As for a specific brand, I use Rustoluem, it just seems to adhere better, and in my opinion has a far superior finish to any other brand I've used. They also have an array of colors to choose from.

Color. Ok well, in all honesty, this is a personal choice, and is determined by what you would like the room to "feel" like.  If you are going for a elegant, more refined/restrained space I would go with a "blue" red.  A "blue" red could be described as a blood red.  Very rich, and deep.  It is cooler looking to the eye, as opposed to an "orange" red which has a warmer feel to it.  Just like skin tones in people, a blue red would be an olive skinned person, and an orange red would be represented by a ruddy skinned person.  

Sorry, I'm going off on tangents with people, and skin color (hey, it's early and  I'm a little slap happy)...back to what an "orange" red would bring to a room.  It would be brighter and have more of a visual punch.  If you are looking for a statement, or just a little more fun...this red would probably be the way to go.  So, there you have it...hope I helped in some way...I definitely want to see pics when these are finished.  I think they are going to turn out pretty fabulous.  OH, and thank you so much for the kind words and entrusting the question about your furniture to me.  It makes me feel good to be able to help. 

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