Rue Launch Party!

 Emily and Michael from Design Star

It was an exciting night at the Rue Launch party last night.  All sorts of fabulous people showed up for it.  I was early and was able to meet a super sweet Crystal Gentilello (who looked faaaaabulouuuuss.)  I couldn't thank her enough for all the crazy hard work she (and the other Rue ladies) had put into the premier issue of Rue.  I must of missed Anne Sage,  or maybe I just didn't recognize her (matching picture to person, is sometimes a little more difficult than you might think.)  You might of thought I would have whipped out the camera and snagged a couple of pics.  But, I didn't want to be too pushy after just meeting Crystal (plus, I knew she had a loooong night of shaking hands, and kissing babies ahead of her, so I let her off the hook.)

An hour or so later I looked to my right and who is standing there but Michael and Emily from Design Star!  I have to say they were both adorable!  Emily of course, won Design Star and has her own fantastic blog, The Brass Petal.  She seemed super sweet, I mean like, REALLY sweet.  It was so funny, as a friend and I (hi Sonum,) were leaving we ran into Emily trying to find a bathroom on the bottom floor, she was asking a security guard who wasn't so hot with the English. He told her where to go in gibberish, she turned to look at us like, "did you understand any of that?"  Which in fact, we didn't.  We all laughed, as there was some finger pointing which finally gave her a direction to go in.  As she walked by smiling, she said "I just wanted the bathroom."  Kind of cute. 

Oh, I also ran into this design legend ....

Yup, you got it...a little Vincent Wolf never hurt anyone.  He was very kind, and graciously reminded me, and those I was with, to grab a copy of his new book coming out in a couple of weeks.  I told him I would be the first in line at the book store. 

After, that (and a couple of drinks) I decided to call it a night, but, I will leave you with a couple of pictures of the gorgeous showroom where the party was held.

OH, and for all you ladies who went to see Nate...don't worry, I don't feel jealous at all. Not ONE STINKING BIT! I am excited to hear about it, though. I'm sure it was awful fantastic.  Maybe next year I'll be cool enough to go.  No bitterness here.  ( =

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