Personal Inspiration

Here are a couple images in my personal "inspiration" files.  Above was tagged and kept specifically because of the mirror.   This is something I want to do someday simply because it just so stinking cool.  I might try and find an even more ornate version to do that modern type on.  Love. But, the chair...yeah, I could do without that.

And the room below, I'm sure you can guess that it's the color that is so engaging.  Rich, rich, rich! I have a TON of pics and snippets that I come across on the www and I keep them for future reference.  Like clipping out the inspirational pics from a design mag. (I do that too, only in a less organized way.)  Maybe I'll start sharing them from time to time.  What about these pics (if anything) are inspiring to you?


Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

And now that first picture is going to go into my inspiration files! What a great idea for the mirror! Thanks Nichole!

Nichole Loiacono said...

You're totally welcome. I love sharing good stuff.

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