Fall In the Catskills

This is the view from our car this last weekend while driving up in the Catskills.  Fall has officially arrived up there and it is absolutely stunning.  At every turn were beautiful vistas of mountains on fire.  The sleepy little town that we visit is called Andes, NY.  It is so quaint and charming, that it's hard to believe you didn't step back in time while driving upward.  There are antiques galore (my drug of choice.)  As well as a fun little general store (Hi, Hogan!) with fantastic pizza and homemade desserts.

I also, attended my first estate auction up there.  I had a ball.  I mean, it is sad to think of someone's lifetime worth of earthly possessions all being sold and scattered among a crowd looking for a good deal on antiques.  But, I'll tell you, probably each and every one of the things sold will continue to be enjoyed for years to come by their new owners. 

I went a little hog wild at the auction.  My little number just kept popping up unbeknownst to me (my hand took over.)  And once I finally understood what the auctioneer was actually saying (they have their own language) there was no holding me back.  My hubby even overheard a couple of older gentlemen from town say after I won a dresser. "How is that little gal going to get all that stuff home?"  Ummm, yeah, I had fun.

Tomorrow, I'll show you one of my purchases and what exactly I have planned for it.  Some of the things I found will be re-imagined, re-worked and then sold.  Then some of them will stay and make my own home a little happier.  If you have a chance and the inclination, I recommend a little road trip to visit this sweet little town.  It's not glitzy, and definitely is not modern, but, it is comfortable and warm, and really, sometimes escaping the city just for a couple of days, really ain't so bad.

Don't you love the bug kill on the windshield...yum.


Katy said...

Gorgeous pictures! Can't wait to see some of the purchases.

merciblahblah said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous scenery. So glad you had a good trip!


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