Yes, people, that's right.  I am posting about a vacuum.  The Hoover Wind Tunnel Pet Rewind.  I have not been paid by Hoover, I promise.  This is completely of my own accord...it's just THAT good and I am one tough cookie to impress!  We got it a couple of days ago, and used it for the first time last night.  Oh. my. dear. Lord.  That thing works.  If you have pets, you know they shed.  And, let me tell you, we have more than one kitty, and the hair...well, it's a problem.  I have nice rugs, and now they look brand new after this sucker (pardon the pun.)   I was thrilled (read: squealing, and clapping) with how well it worked.  So, if you are in the market...please know, you have my unconditional stamp of approval.  It's fabulous!  I just had to share my joy!

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