Shireen's Boudoir

Ta-daaa.  Here are the chairs that I was teasing you with on Friday.  I think they came along nicely and I think she liked them.  The white on white was a good thing.  I immediately saw these in a white patent faux croc, and it was Shireen's idea to do the frame in a matte white.  I found the massive nail head (love) online, and it was a recipe for beauty.  I think anyway.  Just enough edge to make them not too traditional, without being obnoxious (although there are times for that too!)

This is Shireen.  Isn't she a cutie...we took this pic on the night of delivery (hence the poor lighting.) I wanted show her bedroom due to the fact that it is really turning out beautifully, and she was fab enough to let me have a hand in it.  She's been great!  BUT, let me say.   She picked out all the colors herself...the girl has a stylish eye.  Case in point...Foo dog lamps are on the way!

Once again, poor pics. The walls are a smoky gray (not too blue,) and then, you might remember the dresser and nightstands from here.  She found the red tufted headboard (to die for) on Etsy, and I think the red really helps make the room what it is.  She has a red Persian rug that WAS NOT leaving, so the headboard helps give a good play off the rug.  The white mirror, and the frame around the deer head were two more of my projects!  And, then of course, the chairs.   The girl has style, and her boudoir reflects that, as it should!  Where else can you go at the end of a hard day for escape and comfort.  It better make you happy!


Schnelle said...

the chairs look lovely. i am really liking the white framed mirror as well.


GiGi said...

wowzers. i am wondering if shireen has room in her life for one more friend--that's a gal i could hang with!

those chairs are fantastic! great job!

merciblahblah said...

Oh Mylanta those chairs are amazeballs. I am so sorry I just used the term amazeballs in your blog - I HATE that term, but I can't help it - you MADE ME DO IT. Geez - stop being so friggin amazeballs, and then I won't have to use that term. Three times.


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