She's a BIG Girl!

Just wanted to let you in on a little project I've been working on the past few days.  She already has a home selected for her (above our bed, as a focal point.) She just needs a little "freshening" up so to speak.  She is a BIG girl (36" long and 27" wide!)  I found her at the Brooklyn Flea (love) and knew immediately she had to be mine.  And so she was.  I was talking to the vendor and we both thought she was probably a prop for something...a LONG time ago (50's?).  Wherever she had been, she was there for some time, as there was quite a bit of dust, so she needs so a little help (not much, just a little.) In this pic, you can already see the wood filler added to help with some of the gouges and cracks in the plaster (not totally, I still want her to keep some character.)

I also will be painting the blue.  I can hear the backlash from here.  I know, I like the blue too....BUT, 1. blue is not going to jive with where I want to take the bedroom...it's a little too sweet, and 2. Whoever applied the blue paint originally, was not concerned with precision, as it is all over the place.  So, there it is.  Sorry, it will be painted. 

K...I've revealed enough.  So, whatcha think?  Another one of my crazy girly projects? 

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