Kitchen Accomplished

The kitchen is finally finished.  All the large pieces are in place (the rug came yesterday,) and at last, I can say that ONE room in the house is done. If you need to be reminded of what it looked like when we initially moved in, check it out here.  Bland, bland, bland.  I painted, tiled, and painted again.  I'm so happy with the end result.  I think the hubby likes it too, even though he refers to the mural on the wall as our little fairy village.

This "chalkboard" is actually just black paint on the cardboard picture backing, and a little white pastel writing. I wanted it to be permanent and not get smudged somehow, so I  sprayed a sealant over it.  Voila'...faux chalkboard for free.

Above shows the new zebra print rug that just arrived, to push it over the edge.  It isn't real...I didn't want it to look like a steamrolled zebra.  I wanted the black and white zebra print punch, only with a bit of a caricature-ish twist.  Hey, I figure if Jonathan Adler can do it...why can't I?

Below you will see a classic Made by Girl print that I purchased forever ago knowing this would be the perfect spot for it.  Am I right?


MerciBlahBlah said...

For the love of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, that is bananas. I. Love. It.

If you're ever back in Kansas City, feel free to drop in and do that to my kitchen...


Mrs. Limestone said...

Love the color on the cabinets. Im kind of falling in love with rich blues lately.

And I am always a sucker for a pennyround backsplash. Im always afraid to recommend it because Im worried about grout stains. You'll have to report back how this fairs over the long haul.

Great job - fun and casual. Love the little bit of pink peaking out from the light shade. And the tolix stools are drool worthy.

Want to come redo my shore kitchen?

Nichole Loiacono said...


You crack me up! Thanks for being such a fan of the kitchen. I might just take you up on dropping in when I make my way back to your neck of the woods.

Nichole Loiacono said...

Mrs. Limestone-

Thanks so much for the kind words. Since the change over, the readership has suffered horribly (I expected this, but it's still a little disheartening) so your comment kinda made my day!

The penny round backsplash has been no issue...they have grout sealant that takes care of any issues.

Girl, you let me know when and where that kitchen is and I'm in. How fun!

Kim at Yellow Brick Home said...

Those tiles are exactly what I have in mind for our own kitchen, but my husband just can't seem to grasp it. I'll definitely be showing him your beautiful makeover!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

your kitchen is so unique and funky...and i REALLY think the zebra adds such a great touch! :))))))))

Amy Moore said...

Love the new look & name! I have been following you for quite some time and you have inspired my home in many ways. I started a blog a couple months ago, and then had to take time off for awhile. I will be getting back at it soon, stop by for a visit. Quick question....source of your zebra rug. Just what I'm looking for!! Thanks for the eye candy!


Amy Moore

Nichole Loiacono said...


Thanks for saying hi! The zebra rug is from Overstock (love them.)Hope that helps.


Andrea said...

Found you from another blog love the kitchen. Cant wait to prowl around some more.

natalieshawn said...

I just stumbled across your blog this morning, and o.m.g....you are amazing!!! I've already emailed about 4 links to different posts to my 20 y/o daughter who is away at college, but into interior design...anyway, I'm wondering if you did a post about the 2 pieces of art hanging about the cabinets in your kitchen? Very cool :)

Nichole Loiacono said...


Awww, thanks for the nice comment! So glad you found me. No, I did not post about the paintings above the cabinets. I brought them from my other house where I painted them. I was inspired by a Marimekko pattern. Hope you continue to enjoy reading...thanks again!!!

Nichole ( =

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