Insane Entryway!

Found this "after" over at Bryn Alexandra.  All I can say is, I need to know where the wallpaper is from.  NOW.  Gorg-jus!   This was a e-decorating client of hers that took her mood board and ran with it!  Basically, just wrap the entire look up with a big pink bow, and send it over this-a-way! Go check out the rest of the info. and story on her blog.

p.s- if ANYONE knows where to find this fab wallpaper...tell me!!!!

UPDATE...apparently you can get that amazing wallpaper here!

1 comment:

merciblahblah said...

AAaaaccck!!! What is NOT to love about that entry?!!! I would NEVER be able to convince the Hubs to do that, but I could take some inspiration here and there from it, couldn't I?

Lub lub lub.

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