Summer Days!

This was my day today.  Tough, I know.  It was crazy hot, but don't feel too sorry for me, the Atlantic ocean fixed that problem beautifully!  I got a great tan, and my Scottish husband turned into a very large lobster.  It was fantastic!  

We had an amazing week this last week. My hubby took the week off, my father came up for my birthday, to see the city with us and generally just have a ball.  It was really one of the best times ever. I have to say, it has been such an eye-opening experience just exploring the city.  I'm such a history freak (nerd,) and there is history at every turn up here.  I love it!  Here is a pic of my father with the skyline in the background.  Isn't he a handsome guy?

The fireworks over the Hudson were absolutely insane last night. What was even better, was that we watched them out of our bedroom window...although, next year we want to walk down to the river to experience it !  So that was my fourth weekend...how was yours?  Anything interesting to share?

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