Quirky Cool

Don't know if everyone already saw this...but, I thought I'd share it with the rest who hadn't.  I like it that much.  Found it on AT, and thought it was so quirky, it was cool.  A little dark (check out the baby head in a jar on the side table) ...but, not your run of the mill apartment.  I like that (aside from the morbid decor.)  The layered rugs, the curtains dividing non-existent spaces, and definitely the use of vintage furniture and unexpected details.  It has a point of view.  You can see the personality of the owner in it.  Every space should be a direct reflection of it's owner, and be as varied as people who own them. This is the joy/challenge for interior designers.  To peg their clients and represent them in the spaces they design for them.  And, hopefully come out as unique, interesting, and finished as this space is.

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