Odds and Ends.

 Looky what I found over the weekend.  I was wandering around the local West Elm,  checking out some new goodies and came across this shade.  It was a display, a little imperfect (barely,)  and on sale for almost half off.  I immediately thought of my hallway, for which I just gotten my can-light adaptor, and wanted the fabulous shade a bad way.  But, before I could grab it...someone else got to it first.  Typically, I will frown, pout for a second, then move on.  Not in this case.  If this woman so much as flinched toward putting that thing down I would be there to scoop it up before she could change her mind and make a break for it (a little dramatic I know, but we ARE talking life and death here people.)  I told my hubby, watch that lady like a hawk...if she sets it down...GRAB IT!  So he set off to stalking...the shade, not the lady.  I wandered on, glancing over from time to time to see if she still had it.  I was just picking up a vase I had been wanting for a while (also on sale,) looked up and saw my big man striding towards me with a huge smile on his face...and my shade!  I squealed loudly (drawing stares,) and then thought "oh, dear god, the man mugged her for my shade."  But, it turns out...she was unaware it was a pendant light and thought it was just a lamp shade.  When one of the glorious sales-people informed her of this she decided she didn't want it.   Too bad, so sad, give it here!  Awful, I know...but, that is my victory of the weekend!

Here is a little something else I just finished up.  It didn't warrant it's own post, but, I thought I'd include it here.  I found the clock part on clearance for like $9 at Target several years ago.  I had no idea what I would do with it...but, it was cheap and really cool so I decided to buy.  Glad I did, because, I REALLY like how it turned out.  The little flowers serving as numbers, ended up being perfect.  I wanted them to be able to be seen, but not in a intrusive way.  This way they give a lot of depth and interest without looking cluttered or overpowering.

Below is a little shelf/table I found at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market and LOVED!  I painted it black to blend in with the wall but, it is really ornate and gorgeous, and provides a nice place for keys as it resides in the "entry way."  So, there you have it.  All the odds and ends that have been finished as of late.  I have some furniture projects I'm finishing soon as well, so be looking for those in the next week or so. 


Lovely Little Nest said...

Love the shade! West Elm is my favorite, but I usually shop online or via catalog. There's a West Elm in Philly but I'm too scared to drive there without my hubby! Congrats on the fun find :)

Jen of Made By Girl said...

It's sooo PRETTY! i love the story too..your guy was super nice to stalk the shade for you hehe

FleaSpeech said...

Awesome shelf! You still have time to submit this photo of your flea find for a chance to win money to shop at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. Tomorrow is the deadline!
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