Temporary Wallpaper

So, I think temporary wallpaper is a wonderful thing.  Whether you rent, or just don't want something super permanent, it was definitely a great invention.  Above is a picture from Oh Happy Day, a blog by Jordan Ferney.  I have to admit, I was unaware this super cute blog even existed, until I started my search for temporary wallpaper.  She wallpapered her entryway in this fantastic print from Sherwin Williams, and gives you all kinds of info on the project.  All in all...this blog is crazy cute and I'm so glad that I google-stumbled upon it. 

Below are some more options from a company called Tempaper.  A little more on the expensive side (in my broke opinion,) but, still has some nice options.  So what are your thoughts on this whole temporary wallpaper thing?  Is it worth the cost/time to you to use a product that is only temporary?  If anyone else has any more stories/pics of their experience with remove-able wallpaper, I would love to hear them!

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Sarah B said...

It probably is a good idea for a rental. I haven't wallpapered since I was a teen so have forgotten how much fun it is not! I love the look of wallpaper but the thought of actually doing it puts me off a little.
I don't know, as you say, if it's quite expensive and the same effort as normal wallpaper - it is worth it? Yes for rentals, not sure for owner occupied homes. I'd actually never heard of it before :)

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