Grey Wash and Blue.

A little grey wash over the olive green color and these little night stands were ready for delivery!  They needed to be a little more neutral, and this did the trick.

On another, completely unrelated note.  My father came up and visited these last few days (the reason for my absence.) I sent him home earlier today, and it broke my heart to watch him disappear into the crowd to get on his plane.  We had a ball being tourists, this last week. We went to Ellis Island and walked the same rooms, and saw the same things our family experienced when they came over from Italy a century ago.  There was such a sense of personal history that touched both of us.  I was so grateful to be able to experience this with him.  I know he felt connected to this city, as this is where his father grew up.  He'd heard countless stories and was able to identify with them, like never before.   And, by extension, had passed them on to me, so it made me feel closer to a family that I never was able to know.

We also went to the beach, which was absolutely perfect.  I love the ocean...I feel so at peace there.  We visited the Met...nothing like a little Degas, and Van Gogh to make the day a little brighter.  So, that's been what I have been up to over the weekend. I saw all those fabulous things and yet, I am so blue. Three hours gone and I already miss my Dad.  Once a Daddy's girl, always a Daddy's girl...right?  I just have to remember I'll be seeing him soon.  That almost makes me feel better.

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