Cottage Dresser

I don't know what my issue is with taking before pics, not that the after pics are all that great either... but, believe me, this poor dresser was in rough shape.  Now it's in "pretty" rough shape. It has pieces of trim missing, and a lot of dents...none of which I fixed.  It's that whole "character" thing you don't want to mess with on pieces like these.  Have you noticed... I've been doing a ton of grey lately, which is fine by me because I love the color any way I can get it.  This piece is, once again, going up to it's home in the Catskills.  A perfect little cottage is waiting for it.  I  have to say I'm a little jealous...it really will be a wonderful place for this dresser to live it's renewed life. 

1 comment:

marzi said...

awesome dresser! love everything about it!

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