Cheryl Terrace

For several months now, I have had the privilege of finding, and transforming several different pieces for this fantastic designer, (and I'd like to think friend as well) to use in her work, as well as in her own home.  Cheryl Terrace of eco-decorating firm Vital Design, is based in NYC, but takes you around the world with her chic, far-east, meets boho, meets green interpretation of interior design. Here is just a sampling of her work.  It has such a unstudied, easy feel to it, with just the right amount of quirky, to keep it fresh and interesting.  I'm totally digging the large art piece above, and the killer chandelier below. Am I right? 

She also has an eco-friendly blog that give all kinds of tips on fabulous green living.  Above, is a room she did for Kips Bay. She puts such an emphasis on not having to sacrifice beauty and convenience, to keep your house in tune with nature and responsible living.

To close...I'll let her tell you in her own words who she is, and how she approaches design... tell me she's not a doll!

Cheryl Terrace at Kips Bay

Vital Design Ltd. | MySpace Video

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