Boston Loft

This loft was on Apartment Therapy yesterday...and although most of you probably already saw it, I just wanted to enjoy it again!!! There are a ton more pics here, but I picked some of my favorites to highlight.

Could this place any more unique and cozy (despite looking pretty large?) The painted, peeling brick, the high ceilings, the quirky details. Look at the stairs going up to the loft...random ones painted and distressed. The huge, gorgeous light fixture in the middle, giving a fantastic focal point from every angle. The art work...interesting and unexpected. What can I say, I'm in love. How bout you...was there anything I missed that needs to be pointed out. Don't be shy.


gilstrapdesigns said...

Man I love that loft this is so nice and really furnished well I don't know why but that stair case scares me.

Jen of Made By Girl said...

WOW pretty...I am so fascinated by crystal chandeliers over dining tables... :)

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