Just Needs Some Polish!

Ok, I apologize for the very, VERY poor pictures. Me like a goof, forgot to bring the camera (which still is waterlogged) to take "after" pics. SO, we took them with my hubbies Blackberry phone. Classy, I know. But, the best I could do. I think you can still make out the fabulous-ness of this table, and it's transformation.

Here it is, in it's final resting place. The before pic is below, and it was in desperate need of a makeover. The marble was gorgeous, absolutely pristine. The base, not so much. But, boy...look at the detail. I just saw it in my mind's eye. You know...when, you can see the potential behind the grime and dirt.

After consulting with it's future owner, we decided that glossy black would be just the ticket. It would show all the detail and curves of the base, and yet still be as classy and sophisticated as the glorious piece of marble on top. I must say, it was hard to let this one go. I even said to Shireen (the client,) "You know, if you decided not get this, I could just keep it." She was polite and laughed, but I could see "Heck, no! It's mine...back off!" in her eyes. So there you have it. that was a large part of my weekend. Crappy, pics and all.

Tell me about yours. OR, even better, tell me about your finds that just needed a little pick me up, to be amazing again!

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