Housing Works- Design On A Dime

Wow...is all I got to say about this entire experience.

First though, let me set the stage. I don't get out much. When I received this invite, I was thrilled, and scared to death. I tell you...I felt like I was going to prom. I painted my toenails. Shaved, waxed, and plucked myself to a pulp (TMI, I know.) I mean, I went all out for this. I even busted out the Spanx (God, help me.) I wanted to not stick out like a sore thumb, with all these stylish, design giants.

I took the subway, walked four blocks, and I was there. It was pretty grand. I went to the check-in desk, with a little bit of anxiety that they had made a mistake. But, gloriously, my name was on the list...MY name. That's when the fairytale began, and it didn't end for the rest of the evening.

I'll get to the actual design part of the evening in just a sec...but, let me just say that, I was trying to conduct myself in a normal way when these two strolled in. Yep, you know those people. They are Bob and Cortney Novogratz from Six Design, and Bravo's Nine by Design. I could have died right then. I am such a fan of their work...and tell me they don't have the cutest kids.

Ok, onto the design section of this shin-dig...below are some of my favs. of the night. I will have another post tomorrow with more favs. All night, I was pinching myself, and looking around thinking, what alternate universe have I been dropped into. With great design all around me, free wine and or'dourves, and insanely creative people, I decided this world ain't so bad. In fact, I may stay! Enjoy!!!

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gilstrapdesigns said...

Girl I know you did die and go to design heaven. I love Nine by Design as well and trust me your designs and talents are always so beautiful and inspiring everytime I look at and read your blog. Your taste and designs are right up top with the best of them.

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