Bathroom Paint Extravaganza

So, I was a painting fool last night. I just decided that, although, I still didn't have the shower curtain/art/etc. that I was tired of waiting. A girl needs a pretty bathroom. Am I right? I'm still a little on the fence. I haven't totally adjusted to it yet. The inspiration for the walls were from a picture in Lonny (below)...only, I blew the print up...big time. It was all hand done, so it has a messy quality to it. Could be good, could be bad. Don't you just loooove the light bulb that's out? Classy, I know. I would have adored having the actual wallpaper in the pic...BUT, didn't have the funds...plus we can't paint over it when we leave. I figured it was simple enough that I could recreate it. I also wanted to create a little more architectural interest, so I painted a black stripe around the perimeter. I'm glad I did that. It helps to focus and give boundaries to the craziness of the large-scale print.

I know everyone always says, it looks better in person...but, that is truly the case here. The bathroom is so small I can't really get any good angles to show how the pattern envelopes you when you walk in. Seeing it in small pieces just doesn't quite give the same effect.

This is the shower curtain that will be gracing the bathroom once I get a chance to buy it. I loved it from the second I saw it. There is a similar one at Anthro...but, you know...this was is close, and quite a bit easier on the pocket book. I'm also planning on getting some artwork for across from the, ummm...toilet. And then we should be in business!

I also love the idea of these little guys on the door. Soooo cute!

I will post more pics once I get all of the ingredients. I want to add a little color to the black and white! I will try and get better pics too! I just wanted to share the painting extravaganza...and see your thoughts. good, bad, indifferent? Thanks all, and have a fabulous weekend!


LiveLikeYou said...

You painted that? That looks great!! Thought it was wallpaper. Looks great with black outlines and Urban Outfitters shower curtain.

Joi said...

I love that shower curtain as well!

Pretty Neat Designs said...

wow! love the shower curtain and I think the stripe looks super!

mikky said...

Great paint job! Where are the cute little washroom people from? Can you email me where you found that photo or where I can get some please? Also, just curious, what is written on the Martha Stewart photo?

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