Chairs Galore!

Here are two pieces that occupied my time last week. The first, a black leather chair, softened by a baby pink, is now in it's new home, a fabulous new bridal shop about to open in Manhattan called Lovely Bride. I got to get a look when I dropped off the chair, and it is super cute and the dresses are beyond gorgeous. If you are in the market and in the area...I highly recommend you stop by!

The second chair you might remember from previous posts . It's finally on the final legs of it's creative journey, so I wanted to give you a last sneak peek before the final unveiling. I have to thank all of you, because you were all so involved in the choices that is now resulting in the final product. Even the hubby, who had his doubts, says it's looking amazing! Good job all! The finished chair will be done soon, so keep an eye out!

1 comment:

Lovely Little Nest said...

Love them both, but that second pair with the chevron fabric is amaaaaazing!! The yellow & white fabric against the gray paint is fabulous! :)

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