At Last!

So, after a lot of to-do here, and here...it's time to reveal the fruits of my labor! Yes, it put up some fight along the way, and yes, I walked away a couple of times, for fear I would chuck it out the window, but, I am here to say...it's finished.................finally! I am a happy girl. So, thanks to all who tuned in to (and helped with) the yellow chevron chair saga, but, with some glee, I can say, it is officially over. On that note, I'm gonna go have me a big ol' glass of good red wine, and revel in my (our) victory. Have a lovely weekend all! Job well done!


dedeetsyshop said...

Looks awesome!! Great job!!


paula said...

It's gorgeous! great work lady.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Oh my hell - that is glorious. I can't WAIT for you to ship it to me!!!!

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