Picture Wall

I am planning a picture wall, and oh, how I want to use Sharon Montrose's prints to do it with. I think these pics are the bees knees, and then some. Each picture needs to be 12x12, the actual frame itself is 20x20 and there are 9 frames. So we are talking a very large (and expensive) focal point.

My back-up (and original) plan, is up close-up pics of colorful flowers (my place needs a bit of a color injection.) I and think that would be great (and soooooo much cheaper.) But, in a perfect world, these would show up on my doorstep instead. She takes animal portraiture to a super adorable new level. I mean, say you just had a crazy blow-up fight with you significant other, and you look up at this wall of baby animal love...how could you stay mad. This is my argument to the hubby, weak I know...but, I'll try and synchronize with the puppy dog eyes and see if it works. Ehhhh...worth a try.

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dedeetsyshop said...

I LOVE the squirrel and porcupine one! So cute! I have been eyeing these for months too, but just can't find the right spot for one!

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